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Surviving in a Sick World

You have nerves of steel, strength of an ox, yet _ you _ can't _ sleep.
Your Dr. loves you, because although he has no clue what ails you, he can _ Prescribe.
So, do the drugs, mask the symptoms, and prolong what ails you.

Or maybe, just maybe, some of the "modern conveniences" you've bought into have pushed
technologies into your living spaces that can make you sick. One of the most tangible
symptoms is inability to sleep, restfully, or at all.

Other symptoms may be associated with increased incidence of various diseases.
Identify the group they fall into, and quench what ails you at the root level.

The two groups of irritants found in our living spaces that can do this are:

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)


EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)

While there can be commonalities among them,
each is also unique, as I highlight in the documents herein.

FAQs available from their respective sections

ELECTRIC HOSTAGE, now available, $100 + S&H in US (peek).
Graphics-rich, in color, and with test protocols. For you or your electrician.
Puts into hard-copy the four major EMF elements (Electric fields, Magnetic fields,
Harmonics (colloquially "dirty" electricity), and Radio Frequency).
Now more relevant, due to social restrictions, forcing many to hermit away
where formerly you could go for a walk in the park, or elsewhere less stressful.
Cut through the BS of blogosphere myths, know and clear what ails you.
This is designed to be easy to peruse and grasp, and is much less expensive
than paying for one or more consultants who blow smoke, and "take you for a ride."

Electric Hostage front cover

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