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Indoor Analytical Services

Indoor Air Quality / Mo ld Surveys.

EMF Surveys and remediation.

Wiring System Commissioning.

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) source location. Correction where possible.

AC Voltage mitigation from Telephone wiring (AC voltage causes them to become irritants,
exposure similar to hugging energized power cord).

Pre-construction consulting with client or architect,
to preclude integrating problems into a new structure.

Pre-purchase / pre-lease consulting to identify
problem areas, before moving to a new residence.


As some survey and analysis requested rely on separate Analytical Laboratory Supplies and Analysis Fees, overall cost will vary with each survey. EMF measurement results are available immediately, while analytical sampling results may be delayed by a week or more. Recommendations are provided immediately, and a full report is usually available within two to four weeks. For expedited reporting, refer to fee structure below.

E. A. Inc. can remediate Alternating Electric and Magnetic fields in cooperation with an electrician of your choice.

E. A. Inc. can work with your physician to identify the nature of the biological irritant, and recommend corrective measures to reduce or eliminate the irritant.

Fee Structure:

Survey and written Report with:

First Hour on site, or any portion thereof: $200

Additional time: $120/hour

(an IAQ or EMF assessment usually lasts one to two hours)
Coverage of Both IAQ and EMF requires two to four hours, and detailed work requires more).

$60/hour to and from, beyond a two-hour round trip from Phillipsburg, NJ.
Typical travel to NYC or Phila requires a total of 4 Hrs or more

Samples for lab analysis: $50 each and up,
depending on the type of sample.
Expedited lab analysis fee: varies with level of urgency

Expedited Report fee: $200

Extensive documentation / research offsite: $90/hour

Remote Consulting: $90/hour

First Consult Free, up to 1/2 hour.

General note about measurement and fees: I am well aware that the consumer is interested in, and deserves, legitimate data upon which to base informed decisions. I regularly inspect, test, and verify measuring equipment reliability with secondary calibrations. While this is not an issue with most individuals, some want "legally defensible" measurement data. This requires equipment rental with primary calibration traceable to NIST (formerly NBS), and increases the cost substantially. Where a full day's work with my instruments may amount to $1000 plus travel, legally defensible measurement and documentation may increase that to about $5000 per day plus travel.

Sal La Duca
Indoor Environmental Consultant
FCC Licensed RFSO

Environmental Assay Inc.
792 Green St.
Phillipsburg, NJ, 08865

(908) 454-3965

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For "in person" services distant from the "local" area above, contact me for relevant fees.

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