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Surviving in a Sick World

Today's modern conveniences have pushed technologies into our living spaces that can
make us sick. One of the most tangible symptoms is inability to sleep, restfully, or at all.
Other symptoms are associated with increased incidence of various diseases.
The two most common groups of irritants found in our living spaces that can do this are:

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Irritants

  1. Airborne Particulates in order of decreasing size
  2. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  3. Airflow Dynamics

Sample IAQ Investigation: IAQ Damage Control

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Irritants

  1. Alternating Electric Fields
  2. Alternating Magnetic Fields
  3. Stray Currents and Voltages
  4. Harmonics - a.k.a. dirty electricity
  5. Power System       failures
  6. RF (Radio Frequency)

Sample EMF Investigation: Digital Taxi

Disclaimer - Many "experts and consultants" provide much less information than is presented here,
and charge for the material, sometimes causing more damage than initial conditions because they did not consider
all contributing factors. While these documents are not the "holy grail" of environmental perspectives, yet they
address many details that can be harmful to life. Appropriately dealing with the problems presented will provide
healing, and possibly immediate and dramatic relief; but, dealing with the problems inappropriately can make the
situation worse. These documents, however incomplete (and purposely so), are sufficiently detailed to provide remedy
for those who have access to moderate technical expertise. Nonetheless, the author cannot be held liable for mishaps
due to attempts to meddle with technical systems without proper knowledge and skill.

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